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                 My Side by DesignTM

Our Company provides a long over due change from the single fabric bed sheet.  I created the first bed sheet out of necessity for my sanity and my husband's sanity when it came to sleeping comfort.  My husband started sleeping on top of the blanket with an additional blanket over him.  Meanwhile, I needed the coolest sheets available since "hot flashes" were a new nightly event.  Him sleeping on top of the covers limited my movement with the sheets and I hated that he needed to do so.  That is when I thought, what would happen if I combined his fleece sheet with my cotton sheets?  So I cut his favorite sheets and mine down the middle, spliced and sewed the two totally different fabrics together, which then created "one unique-custom" sheet set.  Now we both love our side of the sheets and we sleep in comfort! 

Once my daughter saw the new creation, she pleaded with me to make her a set.  She and her husband, having the exact opposite issues.  I did, and that is when I realized maybe more couples could benefit from my creation.  I eventually found a manufacturer located in the USA, that was willing to make them for me, and this is the result.  I hope you enjoy them as much as my family has!  As we continue to grow, more options will become available.  If you don't see it, please email me and I will see if we can help you with creating your custom set.

FYI: Many people ask why the colors aren't an exact match, good question!  No bedsheet manufacturer every had to worry about buying flannel and cotton to match as no one ever expected them to be sewn together to make 1 complete, unique  bedsheet.  So for now, we do the best we can, but just remember they are one of a kind and the comfort you and your sleeping partner will get, far outweighs the perfect color match!  Uniqueness at its finest!

Made in America  

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